55' Key Largo Houseboat , Aug 16


Live aboard a 55’ houseboat with nude diving included. This has turned out to be the most popular trip of the summer with kayaking and diving included. Anchoring at a different island each night. This is a BYOB and everyone provides two meals for the group, just let me know what meals you'd like to share and we'll make a meal plan!!!


The cost for 4 nights and all diving is just 600.00 per couple. (This trip is limited to 5 couples)

Come and join us for a great vacation on and in the clear waters of Key Largo.

Email me back or better yet call me 813-323-0520  Capt. Dale


 Everyone will meet in Key Largo on Sunday to board our 50’ houseboat. Doesn’t matter what time you arrive, we will be spending Sunday night on the boat at the marina. Plan to have Sunday dinner at one of the local eateries.  Try not to arrive before 4 P.M. It’s a busy marina and loading the boat with all our stuff will be smoother after 4. Once all our crap is stowed away, its cocktail time and we’ll have our own “Get Acquainted Party”.


We will be heading east to Butternut Key and anchoring in her small cove, you’ll surely  want to nude kayak along the mangrove shore line. This island is uninhabited so exploring the interior naked is an option. One of the few islands that has a large saltwater pond in the middle.


After breakfast and a finial shakedown, we’ll head out to our first island, which one you ask? It depends on the weather and what time we get out of the marina, after all, there are only 10,000 to choose from!

Wednesday & Thursday

Diving with Capt. Tom, Tom & Carol are both nudist, so diving nude is the order of the day. Just bring your mask and fins. Capt. Tom’s boat has a snuba set-up with four 150’ air lines, weight belts will be provided.  After a day of diving nothing would be better than a BBQ at Toms roof-top tikie bar.

Thursday is a late breakfast and back to the marina, should be back about 1:00