Passage Key

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I’m often asked about Passage Key, this small nudist friendly island. Sailors have known this sandbar since the first sailing ships entered Tampa Bay. It has its name by the way it behaved. Sounds odd I know but that’s the way sailors referred to this small sandbar that moved around a bit. Sailors would say, “She plays along the north channel waiting for you.” Once navigated past this sandbar your passage was safe in deeper waters and so it became known as Passage Key. Over the years this sandbar has disappeared and reappeared sometimes long enough to have trees on it, only to be gone again with the next passing storm.


Today the state parks have claimed it as a bird sanctuary. Your presence on the island is limited. This also has been a nudist sanctuary as well. Nudity is permitted but they have rules; You cannot go beyond the high tide line on the island. On any given summer day you will find hundreds of nudists arriving by boat in the waters around this pristine little island.

Our boat will be waiting for us at Tierra Verde Marina, just a 30-minute ride to Passage Key for a relaxing day at the only recognized nude island in Florida. The cost for this island day trip is just $50.00 per person. Things you’ll need; BYOB, lunch, hat, sun block, sunglasses, and towel. The boat leaves the dock at 9 a.m., returning at 4:30 p.m. Detailed directions will be sent to all that sign up.


Payment in advance is required to hold your reservation.

Contact Capt. Dale 813-323-0520  to sign up for this trip.


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