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We Nautical Nudists are affiliated with the American Association for
Nude Recreation (AANR).  While we do not require Nautical Nudists to
belong to AANR, we certainly encourage it.  AANR membership grants
discounted admission fees at AANR-affiliated resorts, supports legal
efforts to preserve nudists' rights, and generally enhances the
viability of nude recreation as a legitimate preference in the USA.



As a service to currently active paid-up Nautical Nudists, we offer AANR membership at a discounted price.

AANR allows nudist clubs to mark up AANR memberships to resell them
at a profit.  This mark-up is also applied even if you join AANR
directly through their headquarters.  


However, Nautical Nudists applies no such mark-up.  


If you join or renew AANR through Nautical Nudists, you pay only the lower wholesale price.

AANR Standard Membership

Member Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • 20% in member savings off admission fees at 180 AANR clubs and resorts throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and beyond. Just one week's stay at many will pay for your membership!

  • A FREE 12-month subscription to AANR's monthly magazine, The Bulletin, packed with information about the latest offerings in clubs, members' letters, profiles (life stories), and regional events in full color.

  • A free subscription to the Undressed Press, a monthly email newsletter that keeps members informed about what's going on in the world of nude recreation.

  • Coupons worth over $600 in savings on visits to participating clubs. These coupons come right with your membership card.

  • Access to member savings codes with Costco, Wyndham Resorts, VPI Pet Insurance, and other services

  • Online classifieds in pdf format; accessed via download of The Bulletin in the member's area 

  • Fun wallpapers to choose from featuring nudist themes for your computer;

  • And much more!

  $  44.00 per year / per person (plus a $2 processing fee per membership)

Young Adult Membership is offered at a reduced rate to individuals only (not to couples or dual members) who are between the ages of 18 and 28 and who provide evidence of age.

Young Adult Membership benefits include:

  • 12-month subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Bulletin and our e-newsletter, the Undressed Press

  • 20% member savings on admission fees at AANR-affiliated clubs with a choice of nearly 260 clubs throughout North America and beyond

  • The right to vote in AANR elections

  • An invitation to regional and AANR annual conventions

  • Member savings of 10% on advertising in The Bulletin

  • Please provide proof of age when joining

$26.00 per year / per Person (plus a $2 processing fee per membership)


If you are already a member of AANR, whether through Nautical
Nudists, any other club, or even AANR directly, we would be
happy to process your renewal.




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