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Nautical Nudists Event Sign-Up Deadline and Cancellation Policy


Each trip announcement may include a specific Deadline, by which
payment in full must be received from each Participant (unless a
smaller deposit amount is specified).  The trip Organizer will make
a go/no-go decision after said Deadline based on the number of
sign-ups received by the Deadline.

If an event is canceled by the Organizer for any reason, such as
insufficient sign-ups, unavailability of facilities, or adverse
weather forecast, then all advance payments made by all Participants
will be refunded in full.

If a Participant withdraws before the Deadline, then all advance
payments made by said Participant shall be refunded in full.
However, if a Participant withdraws after the Deadline, then he/she
may at his/her option either forfeit his/her advance payment(s) or
sell his/her place to someone who has not already signed up for the

In some cases the capacity of an event is limited.  If such an event
reaches its maximum capacity before the Deadline, the Organizer may
decline additional sign-ups, putting the names on a waitlist to be
contacted by participants wishing to withdraw and sell their places
as described above.

If the capacity has not been reached, the Organizer may, at
his option, accept additional sign-ups after the Deadline on a
space-available basis, but is under no obligation to do so.



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