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The Nautical Nudists is the only boat club of its kind, operated by and for nudists and their guests who are interested in clothing-free recreation.  We are not a swinger or a sex club, so if that is what you thought, you might be disappointed in our events.  We do, however, accept all into our club with no bias. 


Membership in our club comes with many perks.

*access to AANR at wholesale prices.

* special member discounts to club sponsored picnics and events.

*exclusive invitation to participate in the Nautical Nudists Annual Christmas Dinner/White Elephant Gift Exchange.


While we are a non-landed club, we generally hold our meetings in west-central Florida and online; however, our events can be all over Florida and even outside of the state.


Membership into our club is $15. per person


  Sign up for a membership here:  

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