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Choose a Club Slogan

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Possible Club Slogans

  1. Getting Naked Floats Our Boats

  2. Get Naked for the Hull of It

  3. Natural Bliss. Just Add Water

  4. We Just Don’t Give a Ship

  5. We’re All Just a Little Dinghy

  6. Real Sailors Don’t Have Tan Lines

  7. Real Boaters Don’t Have Tan Lines

  8. Clothes Are For Landlubbers

  9. Clothing is a Pain in the Boat

  10. Clothing? We’re Knot Shore Why!

  11. Wearing Clothes is Just Going Overboard

  12. Nudity is More Sea-nic

  13. Nudity is Pure Ecsta-Sea

  14. Born Nude, Dive Nude

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