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Sun, Mar 07


Eden RV Resort

Cardboard Boat Races

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Cardboard Boat Races
Cardboard Boat Races

Date, Time & Location

Mar 07, 2021, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Eden RV Resort, 13220 Houston Ave, Hudson, FL 34667, USA

About The Event

Sunday, March 7, 2021


You must pay day fees at Eden RV Resort. More details here: 

Our famous cardboard boat races are back! Build your own boat from cardboard and duct tape, then paddle it across our pool and back! The fastest boat wins a prize! Then, all boats which can still float will enter the pool for a naval battle royal. The last boat floating will win a prize. Finally, a prize will be given out to the coolest boat. Here are the rules...  General Rules Teams: You may have up to two people onboard, but as many people as you like can assist in the building of your boat. We ask that anyone unable to swim or swim well, wear a life jacket. Only cardboard and duct tape may be used to construct your boat. No cardboard tubes allowed. Boats may not exceed six feet in length. You must be able to paddle and steer your own boat. Boats must have clearly defined sides. Surfboard style boats will not be allowed. Legs may not dangle outside of the boat or provide propulsion.  Boats may be decorated with color duct tapes, ribbons, stickers, and sharpie markers. We ask that you avoid paint or anything that will damage the pool. Additionally, if you wish to attach decorations to your vessel, you may, however they cannot be “floaty.” Any decorations must be securely attached to your vessel and cannot provide any sort competitive advantage, such as flotation devices. Boats found to be in violation will be disqualified.  Race Across the Pool In this competition, participants will be supplied with two small “paddles” per boat. You must use the provided paddles for this competition. Participants will have ten seconds to board their vessel. While boarding, a teammate may stabilize the vessel from the side of the pool, but must let go before the starting whistle. You or your boat must be touching the wall at the beginning of the race. You will paddle to the far end, touch the wall, and paddle back to the starting point. Your time will stop when your boat touches the wall at the starting point. If you fall out of your boat, you may climb back in and complete the race. If your boat sinks or you fall out and are unable or unwilling to continue, you will be considered sunk and not receive a score. A boat is consider sunk when it is unable to be manned and propelled or at the head judge’s discretion. The boat with the fastest time will win.  Naval Battle In this competition, participants may supply their own paddle (constructed of cardboard), or use their hands to paddle. You should be able to propel and steer your boat, as you will need to maneuver around the pool. As the competition progresses you will engage in battle with other boats, trying to sink them. Bailing water out of your boat to survive is permitted. A boat is considered sunk when it is unable to be manned. The last boat floating will win the competition.  Prizes Three prizes will be awarded: One to the Fastest Boat. One for the Last Boat Floating. One to the Best Decorated Boat.  JOIN THE FUN AND START BUILDING A BOAT TODAY! THERE ARE MANY GREAT IDEAS ON THE INTERNET!

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