Kayak Trip

Manatee Watch & River Exploring

Meet at 9 a.m. at the SugarMill Restaurant. You can also just meet at Riverside Sports Rental at 10a.m. We’ll paddle our way up river to the springs to view the manatees in the springs and explore the river further north to a second group of springs that are not named. Returning, we’ll stop at a riverside Marina for lunch then a side trip up the Halls River to places unknown. Of course we’ll be stopping at Monkey Island for some great shots of these fun little guys. Plan to 

be back at the dock about 4 P.M.


Single Kayak      $45.00  Plus tax (7%)  $48.15

Tandem Kayak   $ 55.00 Plus tax (7%)  $58.85

  $20.00 deposit is required to sign up for this trip, will be returned to you at the dock


They only have 20 single and 5 tandem kayaks available, so sign up early.


Capt. Dale will be collecting money for this trip,

Call 813-323-0520                        Capt.DaleHayberg@Gmail.com


Bring camera, lunch, water, snacks, bug spray, sun block, hat and sunglasses.


It’s a good idea to seal your stuff in a Ziploc bags, double bag it if you can. No coolers!

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