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Suwannee River Houseboat Trip

 Everyone in America has heard of this river but few know where it is. Even fewer have ever been on it. The Suwannee River is truly a time capsule, wide and lazy. There is no commercial boat traffic, no industry, no housing developments or condos !! Just a few fish camps along the banks. This is one of the few rivers in the world that are created entirely by natural springs. No other rivers lead into the Suwannee. It starts in a swamp in Georgia and ends in a swamp as it flows into the Gulf of Mexico preventing any commercial boat traffic. The wildlife is just unbelievable, Bald eagles, black bears and the largest alligators I've ever seen (some over 18'). The fishing is great as well, bring your poll or cast net if you like, but leave your phones home on this one, there is no service on the Suwannee River.


We'll be meeting in the town of Suwannee, Florida. For those locals that want to fol